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Jan 2015
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Got a product or service that will make the life of carders easier?
Then our forum is the right platform to advertise it. Below you’ll find all the specifications.

Why advertise with us?

Our forum has been featured in numerous carding sites, won numerous awards, and is the most trustable website on the carding world.
Getting a service placement through banners or in promotions is not only bring high quality visitors to your website but also gets you massive brand recognition in the space.
If you want start to work on our forum you must have seller status. Minimum payment for seller status is 3 months. All other positions you can buy for one month.

Seller Status + Sticky Thread in the section​
$ 250/month​
Banner (small)​
$ 200/month​
Banner (big)​
$ 500/month​
Text + Link above banners​
$ 500/month​
Text + Link under banners​
$ 200/month​
Text button on the navigation line​
$ 1000/month​
Mass Mailling to all users on forum​
$ 500/one time​

Other advertising positions are discussed separately

We only advertise real and legit services, do not contact if you want to try to advertise a scam service.

If you are interested contact us in one of the following links, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tor: http://hqvv7qwjs72kh65qsmwj3ifwtdgewiiiip62rkvmaq6q7zhhqrta2wid.onion/conversations/add?to=VRocker&title=Advertising

Only contact us from one of the links mentioned above, any other ways are not official and scammers!