Almost half a year searching for the key


Junior Carder
Mar 2023
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So, almost 7 months have passed since I started from zero, asking myself "what's the dark web and how to get in?". Then I learned the basics how to navigate safely and how to buy eventually, please read carefully, HOW TO BUY, not how to obtain what I thought I have bought.
Yes, because despite the first enormous emotional surprise, when for the first time I saw marketplaces full of shit that could be sold nowhere else, I immediately faced the scamming issue.
I started to be scammed everywhere, from vendors, from escrows, from marketplace admins, from forum members, and yes I have learned that the most active business in the dark web is scamming, which is as illegal as selling weapons or drug or stealing identities though.
I didn't know who to trust to, people who was able to build such empire of bullshit around him that it was almost impossible to recognize that was a scammer.
But, however, I found a good vendor, a good market, but even though, I'm always one step to the target, I would need one fucking step to reach wht I meant to.
The problem is that there is nobody to ask, and whoever you ask you never know if he wants to help you or sell you something.
I have seen that paypal transfers don't exist, as same as for Western Union transfers or Bank transfes, so I was initially searching for an anonymous prepaid credit card to be shipped to a drop point I select.
Is it difficult for an hacker to load a blank chip credit card from a cloned one for whom doesn't know how to do? Of course we newbie pay, but for a prepaid anonymous credi card from which I can safely withraw 3K, I can pay an amount, get the 3K, buy another one, but I have to start from a point!! I cannot spend 500 $ in one shot.
Same for paypal transfers; there must be someone skilled who tops up a pp account starting by a cloned cc, for whom don't know how to do?

I bought a fullz, it came with 4 guides full of information: first of all I cannot change my MAC address, no way, I have 2 wifi cards, none of them let me change the MAC. I follow the steps anyway to cash out from Ledn, I get the ID scans (good vendor), nope the ID scans won't work... it's because what? The VPN, the Socks5?
Everybody tells you to use TOR, but big companies don't like TOR, so you must use Chrome, is it safe then? After we have found written everywhere to use TOR for our safety, is it safe carding only with a Socks5?
I also bought a 4,5K topped up Paxful account, but I don't know what to do since I don't want to trigger the 2fa, and yes you are right if you ask me "why did you by then?"; I bought it because the vendor kept saying that the guide would have explained everything, yes, but, it doesn't say that we need programming and hacking skills for jumpin 2fa; so it's useless now.
Anyway, I have a fullz now, with ID scans, I have created an anonymous email (one is gmail and the other is proton), a account (to be verified) I have owner driver license scans and selfie picture, cookie, instructions, but I don't know how to manage, I'm always one step to the goal.

I also offer to connect to my laptop with teamviewer or anydesk and try something, I don't know, I'm stuck.
My Session is 05692a0ac310a0dbcd1f6c6b8ec9b86f51fd6b2918993e1afdb58b809ef23c9c20