Carding Disclaimer


Junior Carder
Dec 2018
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We all know carding is shit tons of fun while others use carding to survive their everyday lives
it all depends on how you use this knowledge honestly. Hit big and get the ball rolling or dip & dab every now and then when your pockets are low. It really depends on you.
YOU KIND OF HAVE TO BE A GOOD NOODLE IF YOU'RE A CARDER, I really can't stress this enough.
WHY? you ask. It's common sense when LE is at your door looking for "who did it", Make sure you have no legal issues or anything like that such as warrants, parole, probation, etc.
I say this because it's SO MUCH EASIER for banks and LE to find out who you really are if your steps aren't careful
I'm pretty sure everyone has stories of Local LE, MIB's, and even the FBI showing up at their door and I'm sure some got away clean with hard evidence in their face.
But GOD FORBID you have a warrant or any legal trouble cause THAT'S YO ASS BOY!
So drop the gangsta attitude, be a good kid, and SCAM RESPONSIBLY

REMEMBER! Credit Card Fraud is a felony offense and can result up to 25,000 in fines or up to 15 yrs in federal prison
Please check your states laws/statures as every State/province or territory tends to differentiate the penalties for the offense.
Always have your trusty lawyer on standby if anything happens, don't let LE pressure you into answering anything, you are a human with rights, use them