Fresh newbie question please help


Junior Carder
Dec 2018
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Hey guys I’ve been started carding for like a month, and
1.I’m only targeting Uber gift cards from uber’s Own website. I tried To card from Using Starbucks wifi in a windows 10 virtual mashing but I can barely success.( my cards never get declined but they lately always email me and say that they aren’t able to process my order.) I’m super stressed and I don’t know where I did wrong because I’m using local cards with local network.( the emails I’m using are always outlook) Maybe Uber blocked releasing e-giftcards toward my region? Can anyone who has experience with Uber gift card sure some tips please? Thank you. I only sucessed for like 2 times.( first time in Starbucks and the second time by using a schoool wifi)

2.Also can I ask is it worth to buy the real antidetect 7.4? I used a 7.3 cracked version to card Uber gift card but I have never succeed.

3. Can I ask if there’s any good carding money making method in Canada please?

Thank you guys