How to properly file a deal dispute


Jan 2015
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Getting scammed is a horrible experience. When a user is scammed, they generally will rush and create a scam report under a lot of frustration. When doing so, the user may miss vital information that should always be included within their scam report for action to be taken. I ask that your thoroughly read this informative thread prior to making a scam report for staff's sake as well as your own. Save yourself the hassle and do it right the first time.

Important Information
  • Link to the scammer's profile
  • Link to the original sales, buying, or service thread(s)
  • Post any screenshots of your payment (for buyers)
  • Post any screenshots that you can provide as evidence
  • The Escrow ID (if the service has been used using our Escrow Service)
Gathering Evidence

When gathering your evidence, use as much proof as you have. The more evidence or proof you have, the better. This "evidence" must be acquainted with all scam reports in order to validate your scam report. You should use anything and everything that you feel can be traced back to the scammer. Use anything that can be vital information such as logs; more specifically ICQ logs, Telegram logs, and private messages.

Screenshot the logs with any third-party screenshot program. Download Gyazo, a free screenshot program which will allow you to easily snap images of on screen proof. Use Imgur to upload the image(s) and paste the BB code within your thread.


If the deal was done over ICQ, Telegram, or other instant messaging service, be sure to include proof that links the potential user being accused of scamming to the instant message handle or other contact information in which was used to scam.

There are many impersonators out there. Without validating a member's contact information there is no 100% way to be certain that the a member wasn't being impersonated. If that is the case, there is no solid proof to and your accusation could be considered invalid.

  1. If the Escrow Service has not been used will not be held responsible for deals made by members. All deals without using our Escrow Service are at your own risk.
  2. No posting of private data in text form. Screenshots related to deals allowed (PayPal, PMs) only.
  3. Do not contact staff about a deal dispute if Escrow Service hasn't been used.
  4. Any reputation you leave calling someone a scammer requires you to link to a deal dispute you've created.
  5. Deal must have originated on and be tied to an CF member with a thread or PM.