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General Discussions Various discussions. Carding Forum, Black Market & Freebies


Look here for announcements regarding the forum. Forum General Discussions > Announcements

Black Market Buy, sell and request services in the black market. Carding Forum - Black Market


Trusted and verified individuals who offers money transfer services.

Bank Cards

Trusted and verified shops or individuals who sells bank cards or offers services for bank cards.

Deal Disputes & Resolutions

All deal disputes are to be posted here. Please provide sufficient evidence of the deal.

Carding You will find anything about carding in this section. Carding Forum - Carding


Talk about online and physical carding here, do not ask questions or post tutorials here, instead use the appropriate sections. Forum > Carding > Discussions

Cardable Sites

If you're looking for cardable sites to make to buy things online this is your forum. Forum > Carding > Cardable Sites

Knowledge Base

Learn online and physical carding with the best tutorials, guides and documents!Become a professional carder today! Forum > Carding > Knowledge Base

Question & Answers

Ask your questions regarding online and physical carding and wait answers from professional carders. Forum > Carding > Questions and Answers

Cracking You will find anything about cracking in this section. Carding Forum - Cracking


This section is collecting all tools for checking. The forum will not be held responsible for improper use of any posted tools. Forum > Cracking > Tools


Fuck using our own IPs, we use proxies. Because we're anonymous and we do not forget. Forum > Cracking > Proxies


You can find configs for all kind of tools here to perform web requests for scraping, parsing data or pentesting. Forum > Cracking > Configs


Share your combolists here for everyone to use. Free combolists for everyone!


Share your cracking tutorials, guides, ebooks, etc, for everyone to see.

Leaks You will find anything about leaks in this section. Carding Forum - Leaks


You better be making some sweet ass quality post otherwise I'mma ban you.


Share your owned accounts with the whole community here.

Other leaks

Couldn't find some other section or just too lazy? Well here you go. Courtesy of the team.

Tutorials, Guides, etc.

We usually are at the same stage. We call it the "Fuck it I'm reading a tutorial on how to fucking do this" stage.

Premium Our premium accounts area. Carding Forum - Premium


You can talk about anything in this premium forum.

Premium Leaks

Post leaks that you only want to share with upgraded members.

Premium Proxies

Post proxies that you only want to share with upgraded members.

Premium Combos

Got combos which you don't want to share with greys? Post them here.

Premium Tutorials

Want to share tutorials with a smaller and more serious group of people, this is the place.

Premium Accounts

Post accounts that you only want to share with upgraded members.

Premium Programs

Every tool that you post here will be only visible for upgraded members.

Premium Cardable Sites

Post cardable sites that you only want to share with upgraded members.
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