Junior Carder
Oct 2018
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Puls.com is a mobile technician service they come to you and repair just about any phone on the market, when you go to the site and book a service make sure to put fake information I used a random name and an address near to my house that is for sale make sure you can access the address you give easily because you will have to meet the technician there. Make sure to arrive at the location a few minutes before the technician arrives, park in the driveway and take down the for sale sign. When the technician arrives tell them that you prefer to stay outside because you have dogs they will not argue with you because they are trained to work in the trunk of their vehicle if the lighting permits it. While the technician is repairing your device it would be smart to build a personal relationship with he or she so that in the next step if one of your cards decline you both can laugh it off and try another one. Okay once the repair is done the technician will be awaiting his payment inform them that you have your card information but not the physical card they will then proceed to get on their company phone and accept payment electronically through GooglePay just read the card information aloud and the tech will type it in, only card number exp. cvv and zip code are required. Getting my other phone fixed today will upload more proof later.